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What it's about

Since 2008, Mountain Pointe and Desert Vista high schools have earned over $91,500 for The Side-Out Foundation (Side-Out) through our combined efforts with Dig Pink in Tukee. Efforts from both schools in the past nine years have placed them top in the nation in fundraising.

In October, Mountain Pointe and Desert Vista will join over 1,000 colleges, high schools and middle schools across the country that are committed to supporting the goals of Side-Out by participating in the Dig Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Rally. Side-Out was established to raise money and awareness about cancer through the recreational activity of volleyball. The name underscores the purpose of the Side-Out - a "side-out" in volleyball occurs when one team wins a point while its opponent is serving, thereby regaining serve or control of play. Likewise in the war against cancer, Side-Out supports health care professionals and researchers help women and men with cancer maintain and regain control of their own lives through improved awareness, education, detection, treatment, and cure, thereby enabling them to live life to the fullest. Side-Out is a 501 (c) 3 Non Profit, #20-2510044.

What can you do?

Donate to Our Campaign
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Purchase a Raffle Ticket
The raffle will be held at the game and you need not be present to win. Tickets are $5 for 1 ticket or $20 for 5 tickets. Purchasing tickets online will incur a 5% transaction fee to cover our merchant costs. You can always purchase tickets directly from your favorite Mountain Pointe Player. 

Collecting Donations:
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Thank you for supporting the Ladies of Mountain Pointe and Desert Vista in their effort to raise money for this cause